In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Stay at Home order PDN temporarily closed its doors on March 23, 2020.

From March 23- June PDN administration and teachers were able to engaging children and families remotely via online zoom classes and town halls. Through our emergency fund, we opted to pay 100% of benefits for staff and maintain a teacher and our ED on payroll to maintain social emotional engagement and routine while ceasing tuition payments during closure. This enabled us to continue to support families remotely, while allowing parents to focus on balancing their work and family without the added burden of tuition.

Although PDN had an emergency fund that allowed us to maintain all staff on payroll for 30 days, ED and teacher through our closure and purchase materials and supplies required to meet operating with COVID-19 guidelines, it was a limited resource, that took years to build with foresight, but was depleted without warning in just a few months.

We ask that you please consider making a gift to us today to help replenish this vital resource. Your gift is 100% tax deductible and will help PDN continue our long history of commitment to children and families for years to come.  


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