Our Staff

Our staff  are dedicated to the children. We facilitate, support and encourage education and a positive working relationship among our staff,  build on trust and positive experiences in and out of the school setting.  We all work together to ensure they are up to date on best practices, based on research of child development.

Our Board of Directors

 Consisting of community members, present and past PDN parents , the Board is responsible for the overall governing of PDN. 


The board works with our Executive Director on a on going basis to support the mission, vision and financial need of PDN. Members assist with fund-development which supplements all aspects of the program.

 Jose Escobar: President

Scott Spence: Treasurer

Our Parents

Our parents play a vital role in ensuring the children feel safe in our care. We work together to build and maintain a safe, stimulating and positive environment.


To support relationships between parents and staff, we host events for parents to socialize with other PDN parents, staff and as a family unit.

We have been fortunate to apply for and receive staff development training grants. We have also received monetary donations from parents and our ED to help support team building activities. Both play a critical role in the engagement teachers have with the children and other staff  at PDN.