We know that finding the right place for your child can be a daunting task. We are here to help answer all your questions! Please email our director or call our school to inquire about enrollment or to schedule a tour.

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For more information about our program, download the parent handbook or contact us

Hours of operation and age update September 2018
Parent Handbook -Hours of Operation Upda
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Changes not noted on parent hand book but implemented during COVID-19 until further written notice is provided

See working through COVID-19 section of website. Information was provided during town halls to enrolled families

Hours of operation: Hours of operation 8:00-5:30 effective July 6, 2020 with scheduled drop off & pick up times 

Meals: PDN will provide water in addition to 9am & 3pm snack.

Parent to provide ready to serve lunch daily, with disposable utensils & beverage. No nut products 

Visitors on site: Visitors & parents are not permitted onsite. Exclusion authorized government officials, first responders and or authorized therapist. Therapist will work outside and away from non clients

Exclusion Sick Policy: Children and staff will be excluded using CDC COVID-19 guidelines as guide. Health Department will guide further as needed 

Children with 99.5 fever or higher are excluded following COVID- 19 CDC  fever exclusion guidelines

Children of parents who do not adhere to assigned drop off and pick up schedule, may be terminated immediately without refund of tuition 

updated June 2020