Hours of Operation 7:30am-6:00pm

At PDN, children are placed in classrooms based on their current developmental level.

The classrooms along with the typical age range are as follows:

  • BUTTERFLIES: Young infants 12 weeks - 24 months
  • BUNNIES: Pre-school average age 2 - 3 years
  • BEARS: Pre-school average age 3 - 5 years

*Per our facility license, community care licensing requires Infants transition into the our pre-school program on their second birthday. All other children ages 3-5 and/or entry into kindergarten, transition based on developmental readiness and other factors that are not limited to availability in the next classroom


  • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Late fees are assessed when full payment is not received by the 5th.
  • Tuition remains the same when PDN is closed and/or your child is absent.

Tuition Rates July 2018-June 2019

Monthly Tuition Full Days-5 Full Days-4 Full Days-3 Full Days-2 Full Days-1
Butterflies 0-24 Months 1,955.00 1,761.00 1,419.00  980.00  595.00
Bunnies Avg. age 2-3 1,550.00 1,402.00 1,089.00 767.00 456.00
Bears Avg. age 3+ NPT 1,550.00 1,402.00 1,089.00 767.00 4,56.00
Bears Avg. Age 3-5 1,489.00 1,342.00 1,048.00 735.00 449.00

AM Half Day 7:30-12:30pm                  PM Half Day 12:30-6:00pm

Monthly Tuition Half Days-5 Half Days-4 Half Days-3 Half  Days-2 Half Days-1
Butterflies 0-24 Months 1535.00 1,228.00 921.00 614.00 307.00
Bunnies Avg. age 2-3 1,191.00 954.00 715.00 476.00 238.00
Bears Avg. age 3+ NPT 1,191.00 954.00 715.00 476.00 238.00
Bears Avg. Age 3-5 1,148.00 918.00 689.00 459.00 229.00


  • A non-refundable Wait List fee of $75 per family (only charged if family places child on our wait list – not charged if child enrolls without waiting)
  • An annual Parent Administration Fee – a one time fee of $220 at time of enrollment and then reduced to $100 each successive year
  • Parent Participation Hours.


Pasadena Day Nursery for Child Development has a infant & two-year-old classroom at our facility which integrates children from Pacific Clinics Early Head Start. For further information please select link or scan the bar code. .

Pasadena Day Nursery Wait-List Application
wait list application 2018.docx
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PDN accepts families who receive subsidized tuition. If funding for your child's tuition is not equal to PDN's monthly rate,  you may be required to make up the difference.